Costa Rica Sport Fishing Locations

Sport Fishing Charter Destinations

Costa Rica Sport fishing charters are available for: Domincal, Flamingo, Los Suenos, Puerto Jiminez, Quepos, Tamarindo and many other fishing locations.

There is a lot to love about Costa Rica. It is a country that boasts warm weather, beautiful scenery and an exciting culture. However, one of the main reasons why so many people flock to the Central America country is to enjoy the sport of fishing. A Costa Rica sport fishing experience is, undoubtedly one of the best in the world, because it has so much to offer.

Costa Rica is a country where the scenery, settings, and surroundings are sure to leave a lasting impression on every visitor. With its warm and pleasant temperatures, this Latin American country boasts the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, beautiful lakes, and hundreds of rivers; all of which come together to make it one of the best locations around the world that anyone could wish to find when it comes to fishing. Even from the country’s capital city of San José, some of the country’s prime fishing spots are accessible in as little as 30 or 40 minutes.

This wealth of fishing opportunities helps Costa Rica to achieve a well deserved reputation as a global hotspot for the hobby. With locations and scenarios to offer, the professional and confident fishers, as well as novice, first time participants, too. Of course, there are other factors to take into account; such as the wind, weather, currents and other natural conditions – all of which can have an affect on the success of a fishing trip.

Let’s take a look at the various regions of Costa Rica…

Central Pacific region

As far as we are concerned, people looking for the perfect Costa Rica fishing experience need look no further than Quepos, on the country’s Central Pacific coast. When it comes to charter fishing boats, there are more than 50 professionally equipped vessels in the area in a wide range of sizes, something to suit everyone. Fishing from Quepos, gives visitors the opportunity to catch a large range of big game fish. There are a number of potential options available to anglers, such as multi-day trips to the Drake Bay and Caños Island area or overnight stays at one of the several lodges around Drake Bay – an area also renowned for its diving.

Northern Pacific coast

Stretching from the Gulf of Papagayo to Cabo Blanco, this is an area that features Flamingo Beach which boasts a full service marina. There are other sport fishing centres in this area, such as Playa Carrillo, Samara, Nosara and Tamarindo.

Southern Pacific Region

Golfito is the center of fishing activity, in the southern Pacific region. It is a location renowned for its large numbers of marlin, jacks, runners, mackerel, amberjacks, roosterfish, and big snappers. A setting that features many small coves and rocky inlets, Golfito is a good location for those interested in light-tackle fishing. Playa Zancudo, a narrow peninsula with miles and miles of stunning beaches, also has lodges and nearby rivers.

Caribbean Coast

Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast gives fishermen and women a more varied experience, with conditions changeable from one month to the next. There are still fish along the coast all year round, but those who are in search of a specific fish may wish to check the conditions before they book their trip.

Top 5 Costa Rica Sport Fishing Destinations

1. Quepos

The clear winner when it comes to fishing in Costa Rica is the port of Quepos, the nearest town to Manuel Antonio. The city is an extremely popular one with tourists and the fishing in the area is definitely one of the reasons why. You can enjoy fishing all year round in Quepos with the possibility of catching the following; Roosterfish, Sailfish, Snapper, Marlin, Tuna, Dorado and Wahoo.

2. Dominical

Dominical is the perfect choice for those seeking a Costa Rica fishing vacation with an added dose of luxury. This pleasant town offers a slice of paradise for surfers and anglers, alike. Expect to spend the majority of your stay on the beach. When it comes to fishing, diversity is the name of the game, in Dominical. You will enjoy attempting to hook wahoo, dorado, tuna, and marlin while fishing offshore. Inshore trips give you the chance to catch anything from mackerel, cubera snapper, roosterfish, jack crevalle, or a needlefish.

3. Golfito

Golfito means ‘little bay’ and it is a stunning port town, near the Panama border. The bay, itself, is beautiful and backed up by steep and dramatic green hills. Many people, looking for a fishing Costa Rica vacation, come here. There are small marinas and an array of boating and yachting services. You can expect to spend your days fishing for the likes of sailfish, tuna, and dorado.

4. Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a popular tourist town situated on the Nicoya Peninsula. The long beach, with its fantastic waves of Playa Tamarindo, are some of the main attractions here. Many people also flock to the Playa Grande beach to witness the leatherback turtles. Fishing is great fun in the region. Excursions are readily available for those looking to hook marlin, wahoo, sailfish, Cubera snapper, tuna, roosterfish, and more.

5. Jaco

Jaco is one of the most popular tourist areas in Costa Rica. It has a lot to offer and many enjoy the nightlife, in particular. Nevertheless, it is the beach which truly generates all of the attention. If you plan to do some surfing, as well as some fishing in Costa Rica, then you will love it here. Los Suenos Marina is where your fishing experience will begin. Expect to catch anything from sailfish, the best blue marlin fishing, black marlin offshore, while inshore fishing can gift you with Roosterfish, Grouper, and Snapper.

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