Inshore Fishing

Having fished all over the world, truly, there are few places on this planet with the marine diversity that Quepos Inshore Fishing offers.

There are a number of unique inshore sports fish found in only a few tropical zones. Quepos is renowned as a haven for these fish.

Quepos Inshore Fishing Species

Probably the most sought-after inshore gamefish everyone has on their bucket list is the famous Roosterfish, followed closely by Snook and Snapper.

Inshore Fishing for Roosterfish

Truly, the majestic Roosterfish is one of a kind. When you hook-up to a Roosterfish, there is no doubt you have encountered something special. You are now in hand to hand combat with one of the most aggressive and strongest fish anyone has ever battled. A mature Roosterfish can grow to 100 pounds. His amazing head plumage resembles a rooster comb, and the silver and black body stripes are reminiscent of warpaint.

If you are one of the lucky anglers to catch a giant Roosterfish, be ready for a very, very intense fight and don’t think that you’ll be going back to the dock early. These are one of the hardiest fish in the ocean and they do not like to be caught. On many an occasion, a back and forth epic battle, then when I think I’m the one winning, all of a sudden you hear that mighty scream of the reel, and he takes back all of that hard work you just put in. Be ready, these fights can last well over an hour.

Inshore Fishing for Snook

One of the other most-sought after inshore fishing target species is the mighty Snook. The world record Snook was caught in Quepos inshore fishing waters.Many anglers come here from all over the world, trying to break this record. Imagine fighting a fish, over 50 pounds, does not like being hooked, and will put on an amazing aerobatic display; just in order to throw the hook! In this type of fight, the Snook usually come out on top.

Quepos Snook fishing is quite unique, even by Costa Rican standards. With rivers on either side, Quepos inshore fishing waters, provide a superb habitat for the giant Snook. One of the best ways to catch Snook, is to be on a small inshore fishing boat, able to maneuver much more quickly, than larger sportfishing boats. Fishing mostly with live bait, the boat’s skipper will take you right to the mouth of the rivers, almost to the shore. Watching the sets of waves, waiting for the moments when it’s calm, they will shoot in and turn the boat and have you cast right into the surf, where the monsters live.

Inshore Fishing for Snapper

Let’s not forget about the Snapper, a favorite inshore fish species to catch. These fish can also grow to be quite large. Not least, because they have an arsenal of teeth and they are incredibly smart.

When fishing inshore for Snapper, you can expect, once they’re hooked, they will immediately head to the bottom and try to wrap your line around jagged rocks. It’s not unusual, when it comes down to man vs fish heading to rocks, the fish come out the winner! Your only chance of victory is to be aggressive and get these fish to the surface quickly.

A Day of Quepos Inshore Fishing

Your day will start, when you leave the Marina and the inshore boat crews will look for the large bait balls – usually sardines – floating around in the calm waters just off the beach. Whether they cast with a net or catch them on a Sabiki rig, once you have enough live bait, the crew will head for their favoured spots. Often, that is toward the mouth of a river or to some submerged rocks, in a secret spot. Captains of Sport Fishing Boats guard this information with their life.

Offering full and half day inshore fishing, you can have as much action as you can imagine.The beautiful surroundings make for an unbelievable day, out on the water. The waters surrounding Quepos have majestic rocks jutting out, providing excellent big fish habitat. The Manuel Antonio beach provides a stunning backdrop to some of the best inshore fishing on the planet.

So whatever you do, if you’re flying into this part of Costa Rica to fish or driving yourself around – make sure you get out here for a fantastic day of Quepos Inshore Fishing.