Offshore Fishing

What to expect out on the water

A typical Offshore Fishing Charter day starts when we pick you up at your Manuel Antonio vacation hotel or from your beautiful villa and you have arrived at the new Marina Pez Vela for an exciting day of Costa Rica deep sea sport fishing. This state of the art facility offers many creature comforts for anglers. If you have your own vehicle, there is plenty of secure parking available for you.

Maybe you forgot something or you just would like to freshen up before boarding your boat. The Marina Pez Vela store is located at the docks offering you anything you might need. From sunscreen and sunglasses, to beautiful Columbia fishing shirts, Marina Pez Vela t-shirts, plus hats, and just about any boating product you might need.

Once underway, on one of our many sportfishing charter boats, you will be treated to the breathtaking views of the Manuel Antonio coastline. It doesn’t take long before the natural beauty of Costa Rica is all around you. “Look! A giant sea turtle” are often the 1st words shouted out on deck. With a huge marine bounty, you will see some amazing sights. Flying fish dash out of the way of your boat, as you are headed to the offshore fishing grounds.

Most common are the dolphins, roaming in huge numbers, searching of schools of baitfish. Finding these pods, means you are close to the fish you seek. What the captain is looking for is the blue water. When they reach this magical line, where the blue is cobalt, then you are now in the Costa Rica fish zone; the destination that so many worldwide anglers seek.

Already, the mates have begun setting up their rigs with several teasers, on the outriggers, and the natural baits for the lines, as well. Ballyhoo is the Costa Rican bait of choice. After all teasers and baits are in the water, it’s time to get ready for action! Sometimes, it is only a matter of minutes until you hear “FISH ON!” At this point, it’s frenzy at the back of the boat, with the captain calling down directions on which rig the fish is after and which lines need to come in.

Once the mate has the fish in his sights, then it’s game on. With years of Costa Rica fishing experience these guys catch fish. Letting the bait free spool until just the right moment to engage the drag and set the hook. This often produces’ the 1st jump of whatever has taken the bait.

There really is no better sight than a large Sailfish or a huge Costa Rican Marlin, leaping straight out of the water, in a dance as if it is running on its tail. Once you have decided who will be the first to take a shot at this flying brute, you will be given a fishing belt used for sails and smaller species or you might need the chair…., which in Costa Rica Sport Fishing terms is a good thing.

Hooking up to a marlin, weighing anywhere from 200-700 lbs., means you’re in for a long fight! These battles have been known to last up to 4-5 hours and you need to bring your “A” game if you want to be the victor in this, mad back and forth, ballet. Sailfish, Dorado, Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna offer an exciting experience of the Catch.

Once your fish is close to the boat, the mate will take over. He will get a hand on the leader, making it a confirmed catch. If you have never caught a large billfish, then a trophy picture is in order. The mate will instruct you to lean over the rail, while holding on to the bill. OR you are welcome to jump in the water and take your picture WITH the fish. The mate will capture your forever shot. This kind of action can go on all day.

In the Quepos waters, hooking 8-14 Sailfish a day is common. Some days are more rewarding. Out on the water, you will have plenty of refreshments like beverages of ice cold water, soda, and juices, to freshly cut fruit, of watermelon or pineapple, to cool you down from the intense Costa Rica sun. A great lunch is provided and snacks are always there for you. So, sit back and enjoy the best day out on the water, you have ever experienced.

As the day winds down from your adrenaline-filled Costa Rica fishing trip, the lines come out as you sit back to enjoy the ride back to the marina, with the fishing tales still fresh in your mind. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you out there!