Fishing for Wahoo in Costa Rica

Best Season for Wahoo Fishing:

As the Costa Rica waters cool, starting in the month of May, the season begins . Larger schools, move in and stay through December. The big Costa Rica Wahoo tend to be caught in May and June. During the 2018 OffShore World Championship, several large wahoo were caught.

Costa Rica Wahoo Bait / Lures:

Leader Lines consist of 15 – 20 feet of 200-pound cable or 300-pound monofilament. A foot-long wire leader ahead of the artificial lures keeps wahoo from severing ties with the Costa Rica Wahoo fishermen after hookup. Bullethead lures with plastic skirts have become a Wahoo fishing favorite. They track well at high velocity and spend more time under the surface, where wahoo have an easier time attacking them.

Top techniques when fishing for Wahoo:

Most anglers that catch wahoo, are not actually fishing for Wahoo, at the time. But when one comes into the spread and takes a whack at the bait, you tend to change your tactics. To have a chance to catch these toothy fish, changing to wire leader and increasing the trolling speed on your boat, make for better Wahoo hook ups.