Costa Rica Snook Fishing

Costa Rica Snook Fishing Season:

Snook are found almost year round. December and January, seem to be the best months for Snook fishing in Costa Rica. 40+ pounds have been taken in prior seasons in Quepos!

Best Snook fishing bait / lures:

Live bait is the best. Sardines and Blue runners are the top Snook fisherman picks; sometimes they will take a flashy lure.

Costa Rica Snook fishing techniques:

Truly the best technique fishing for big Snook, is to go close to the mouth of the Costa Rica rivers, There, you will find local fisherman with hand lines, wading in the surf. If fishing in smaller boats, like a Panga, try to go as close as you can to shore, cast to the beach and turn the boat and get out fast before the next set of waves comes. Using a baitrunner Spinning reel, you let out the line till you’re back out and then hang on. It doesn’t take long until you get a Snook bite. Snook are very powerful fish. They are known to jump and throw the hook, so be ready to drop the rod tip down, when they break the surface!

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