Costa Rica Snapper Fishing

Costa Rica Cubera Snapper Fishing season:

January through July is THE hot time for Cubera Snapper fishing in Costa Rica, but they are often taken year round. If you are a real Snapper fanatic, you might try night fishing, in which you can catch some monsters.

Best Snapper fishing Bait / Lures:

Use large poppers (Yo-Zuri Bull) Color doesn’t seem to matter. Live bait are also used.

Cubera Snapper fishing techniques:

Catching Snapper in blue water, the rule is, the clearer the better. Red Cubera Snapper live around 150 feet down and will come to the surface to take the big, noisy poppers. The cleaner the water, the more snapper you will catch. Remember, they don’t like to be up there, so the 1st thing a big cubera snapper will do is head for the rocks to try and break the line. This fish can get giant, 60 pounds, is not uncommon. Heavy tackle and tight drag is the way to land big Costa Rica Snapper.