Roosterfish Costa Rica

Roosterfish Costa Rica Fishing Season:

All year long! These fish are caught in almost every month of the year, in Costa Rica Roosterfish fishing waters.

Costa Rica Roosterfish Bait / Lures:

Lookdowns, Sardines, Bluerunners, of all these bait, the best live bait are Lookdowns. These shiny plate-sized bait fish are like candy to big Quepos roosterfish. Use lures, if live bait is not available. But ask to try live bait, you will not be sorry. Rangers in white/red color / blue/chrome surface plugs are great for big Costa Rica roosterfish.

Best Rooster Fishing techniques:

Make sure you slowly count to 5, let them get the big baits in their mouths while turning away, for a good hookset. Roosterfish are one of the most sought after fish caught in Costa Rica. These are true fighting fish and they don’t want to be caught. Battles can take over one hour. Roosterfish are found around the rocks, just offshore and at the mouth of the rivers. This is not for the faint of heart. Just when you think you have a Costa Rica roosterfish beat, he will spool you if you’re not careful. Take your time, don’t try to muscle them. A little trick is to ease the rod tip up, do not not jerk it. If you jerk it, they shake their heads and fight harder. Ease them up and you have a much better chance to land these beautiful fish.

Roosterfish Fishing References

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