Costa Rica Fishing Species

When it comes to Costa Rica fishing, this is simply one of the most stunning, scenic and beautiful countries on the planet to be an angler! Sportfishing in Costa Rica can be an exciting, testing and most certainly rewarding experience – there is a whole variety of different fish that can be caught off the island’s shores. This is sure to offer professional and novice anglers alike an enjoyable challenge.

Costa Rica Fishing – The Local Species

Here are a few of the fish that can be caught by anglers who are in Costa Rica fishing:

Costa Rica Marlin Fishing – Season: September though November is a great time to catch Costa Rica Striped Marlin. Black Marlin and Blue Marlin can be caught most of the year but further out in the Costa Rica fishing grounds…

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Costa Rica Sail Fishing – Season: December through May is peak Costa Rica fishing time for Sailfish. But you can still find them the entire year Bait / Lures: Ballyhoo, skirted ballyhoo, artificial lures in the 7-10 inch range…

Sailfish are one of the most common fish found in and around the waters of Costa Rica. Sailfish are usually a blue or grey colour, and take their name from their fin, which often stretches the entire length of their back and sometimes protrudes from the water. They also have an “elongated bill”, drawing resemblance to a swordfish and other marlins.

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Costa Rica Dorado Fishing – Season: You can find Dorado most of the year. Often taken while trolling for Billfish, May usually brings more as the Costa Rica rivers start to flow heavy from the mountain rain run off bringing down a lot of debris…

This then creates what are known as “trash lines”, where the Dorado is found looking to ambush smaller prey. Big schools of Dorado are relatively common in the waters around Quepos.

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Costa Rica Wahoo Fishing Season: Comes as the Costa Rica water cools in starting in the month of May. Larger schools moving in and staying though December. The big Costa Rica Wahoo tend to be caught in May and June…

The Wahoo is something of a “prize game fish”, known to sports fisherman for its speed and high quality flesh. Wahoo are found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas, but believe us – there is nowhere better than Costa Rica to pit yourself against them!

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Costa Rica Tuna Fishing – Season: Found at the surface in large schools. A clever way of recognising the presence of feeding yellowfin schools is if “the water is boiling”. If it looks like this, it is likely to represent a school of Yellowfin Tuna feeding beneath. If seabirds are in the area hanging around above them, feeding on scraps left behind is a strong indication of tuna…

For Tuna fishing, particularly Yellowfin Tuna, Costa Rica is a great location. Often found in large schools just below the surface of the water, they are also likely to be found in the company of dolphins.

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Costa Rica Red Snapper Fishing – Season: January through July Is a hot time for Costa Rica Cubera Snapper but they are often taken year round.

If you are a real Red Snapper fanatic you can try night fishing which can get you some monsters…

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Snook Fishing – Season: Snook are taken almost year round. December and January Snook fishing in Costa Rica seems to be the best months, 40 pound + have been taken in the last couple seasons in Quepos! …

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Costa Rica Rooster Fishing – Season: All year long! I have taken them in almost every month in Costa Rica fishing waters… If someone has managed to catch a Roosterfish during their Costa Rica fishing vacation, they have certainly done well.

Able to reach almost six feet in length, catching a Roosterfish could be the real highlight of a person’s holiday.

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