Dorado Fishing in Costa Rica

Dorado fishing is popular due to the fact they provide you with a good fight and they are incredible to view as well. This fish is colorful, acrobatic, and full of fun. You will be able to find small Dorados while enjoying inshore fishing. However, the bigger, tougher fighter Dorados will be found offshore. The real magic begins when you hook one. You can expect to see lengthy tail-walks and high leaps. It is a thrilling experience.

The appearance of the Dorado is worthy of further explanation; to say this is a stunning fish is an understatement. The colorful appearance of this fish generates attention as it comes in a wide range of different colors; green, blue, silver, and gold. In addition, they also have spots along their sides, varying in size and color. The other remarkable thing is, they seem to lose their entire color range once they leave the water, turning an iridescent blue.

Most Dorado are between 10 lbs. and 30 lbs. in size. However, the sky really is the limit. Big Dorado, of the 50 lbs. to 60 lbs. range are not uncommon. In fact, in 1976 the biggest ever Dorado was caught in Costa Rican fishing waters. This weighed a massive 87 lbs. Do you think you could beat this?

If you are looking for a fun, thrilling and exciting fishing experience, look no further than fishing for Dorado in Quepos. Not only do this fish put on an excellent display, but a tough challenge as well. You will certainly enjoy it.

Dorado Fishing Season in Costa Rica

You won’t be short of opportunities to hook Dorado when fishing in Quepos. This species of fish is available all year round. Thus, it doesn’t matter what season you visit us, you won’t be missing out. Dorado fishing successes often occur while trolling for billfish and you can find Dorado (mahi mahi) here most of the year. May usually brings more as the Costa Rican rivers start to flow heavy from the mountain rain run off, bringing down a lot of debris into the ocean. This creates what we call “trash lines” where the Dorado like to hang around looking to ambush smaller prey.

Fishing Bait / Lures:

Ballyhoo, Islander skirted ballyhoo, artificial lures in the 10-15 inch range.

Fishing Techniques:

Troll with up to 5-6 baited/lure lines and two teaser (hookless) lures, and an additional standby rod on deck fully loaded with bait. Dorado are fast and will come in at crazy angles to hit the bait. They tend to be quite acrobatic jumpers giving you a very colorful show. Strikes happen between 40-80 feet at the back of the boat, most times. Stand up to fight these spectacular colorful fighters. Dorado average size is 15-30 pounds and some 40 or 50 pounds being considered large bull Dorado. The all-tackle Dorado fishing record is currently 88 pounds.

Dorado (Dolphinfish / Mahi Mahi) Fishing References