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Better crews and better ships Pure emotion in Quepos Fishing. Venture with champions and live the best fishing experience.

Both inshore & offshore fishing is available, our boats have experienced & friendly crews who do everything possible to deliver memorable fishing trips.

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We work to provide you with the best experience on the high seas.

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Fishing Offshore Inshore

What is Inshore Fishing About?

Your day will begin when you leave the Marina and the crews of the coastal boats will look for the large balls of bait, usually sardines, that float in the calm waters near the beach. Whether they are being cast with a net or caught on a Sabiki rig, once you have enough live bait, the crew will head to their favorite spots.

By offering half-day and full-day inshore fishing, you can have as much action as you can imagine. The beautiful surroundings make for an amazing day, on the water. The waters surrounding Quepos have majestic rocks that jut out, providing excellent habitat for large fish.

What is Offshore Fishing About?

There really is no better view than a large sailfish or a huge Costa Rican marlin, leaping straight out of the water, dancing as if it were running on its tail. Once you have decided who will be the first to shoot this flying brute, you will be given a fishing belt used for sails and smaller species or you may need the saddle … which in Costa Rica is good sport fishing .

​Hooking up to a marlin, weighing in at 200 to 700 pounds, means a long fight awaits you! These battles are known to last up to 4-5 hours and you must bring your «A» set if you want to be the victor in this crazy ballet. Sailfish, Dorado, Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna offer an exciting catching experience.

Truly, the majestic roosterfish is one of a kind

Roosterfish fishing

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